1.    Responsible for c GMP monitoring and implementation in warehouse
2.    Responsible for co-ordination with QC, production, QA for implementation of cGMP Systems.
3.    Responsible for co-ordination   with QA for new facility Qualification.
4.    Responsible for co-ordination with purchase department for receipt of materials.
5.    Responsible for vendor development activities in co-ordination with QA.
6.    Responsible for planning of minimum material inventory levels.
7.    Responsible for Coordination with production Department for execution of production plan.
8.    Continuous improve on mechanization/automation and simplification
9.    Responsible for control of return material from production.
10.    Responsible for co-ordination with QA, QC in case of market return products/product recall activities.
11.    Responsible for co-ordination with Marketing & Logistics departments for dispatches as per schedule.
12.    Responsible for reconciliation of materials& stock verification in co-ordination with Accounts department and any external Auditor.
13.    Responsible for Finished Goods Warehouse and dispatches.
14.    Responsible for training and evaluation of warehouse personnel.
15.    Responsible for handling of change control Notes, Deviations and incidents.
16.    Responsible for all activities of warehouse department.
  • Experience 2-4 YEAR
  • Location Hyderabad
  • Job Id SPWH/2022/001
  • Job Type Full-Time
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